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Month: November 2016

Why you should learn to become a reiki healer

 The multiple benefits of becoming a Reiki healer

You can use Reiki rather than prescription pills

prozacA lot of people complain about falling sick frequently and when they see a doctor, they get prescriptions that require them to purchase pills. For others, anytime they feel a bit unwell, they do not even bother finding out what is wrong with them but immediately seek over the counter drugs thinking that once they take them, they will get better. They may feel better but this joy is short lived as within a short time, they fall sick again. So what then is the best solution to go for if one is looking for a healthier body without being forced to take prescription pills? The answer lies with Reiki which is a treatment method that is meant to heal people. It does not focus on conventional medicine but instead uses energy to run the healing process. The therapist who is trained in its practice, directs energy into the patient’s body by touching them and as this happens, the body is compelled to naturally fix whatever is wrong within it.



Practicing Reiki

Since it is a healing technique that is backed up science, the Japanese who are its inventors have found a way to teach other people so that more and more people can learn it and help others in need. Not only is it a career that puts food on the table but it is also a passion for those who are committed to improving other people’s lives. Learning reiki is not as hard as it may seem as with the correct guidance and commitment, it is a technique that is easy to master. Practicing reiki self-treatment is the way to go if one wants to get the benefits of reiki without having to see a therapist. There are many institutions in the world that have been developed to incorporate learning reiki into their syllabus. So you do you become a reiki healer?

The process

reiki master healing patient

Although one single session of doing Reiki is enough to completely transform one’s health and life in general, many therapists will agree that the more times one engages in it, the better their health is to be. On average, a session takes about one hour but it may vary depending on one’s overall health. Before one undergoes Reiki treatment, a proper body examination should be performed on the patient. Once this is done, it is easy to know what one is dealing with and the right method to use. The patient will then be asked to stay put on a flat surface as the therapist places their hands on them channeling the energy into the part of the body that needs fixing.

Benefits of using Reiki

One of the major causes of headaches and other related illnesses is stress and general mental health. Unlike conventional medicine which can be used to interfere with hormones in such a way that one has improved moods, reiki does this naturally without interfering with the hormones. It enlightens someone by making them feel relaxed and have good thoughts promoting good mental health. With improved moods and an optimistic mindset, one’s health will definitely be improved. One of the aspects of having good overall health is by exercising and eating healthily. Nevertheless, sometimes, one does not feel motivated enough or see the need to do this. What most people do not know is that these poor habits influence one’s health. With Reiki, one is encouraged to start taking care of their body by carefully selecting what they eat and working out.

When someone is taking so many prescription pills or is under so much conventional medicine, they may tend to feel discouraged and lose hope in being healthy once more. With the current development of technology and the diversity in the health field, more doctors are seen to have accepted Reiki as a complementary healing method to go with the treatment methods that they are administering to the patients. Patients who are treated this way are seen to get healed faster than the others.

So what are you waiting for? Get on your feet and start practicing Reiki as soon as possible so that you can assist others who need it. As a patient going through Reiki, within no time, your general health will improve and you will be making less trips to the hospital or to the chemist to get prescription pills to treat various diseases and health conditions. To note, however, is that if one experiences severe symptoms despite going through Reiki, they should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Become Successful With Emotional Intelligence

I’m sure many of you have heard of I.Q. (intelligence quotient). Which is given to you at birth and determines your learning capabilities. The only downfall about I.Q. is that you can’t really increase it, thus leaving those with a low I.Q. feeling a little helpless. But I.Q. isn’t an end all so for those with a low I.Q. (myself included) don’t give up hope.

E.Q. (emotional intelligence) on the other hand can be increased and those with a high E.Q. have been known to be more successful and land bigger jobs.

So what exactly is E.Q.? Many of my references comes from the author of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman. In his book he states that there are 4 areas in our lives we can increase to receive a higher E.Q.

Those 4 are: Self-awareness, social-awareness, relationship-management, and self-management.