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Become Successful With Emotional Intelligence

I’m sure many of you have heard of I.Q. (intelligence quotient). Which is given to you at birth and determines your learning capabilities. The only downfall about I.Q. is that you can’t really increase it, thus leaving those with a low I.Q. feeling a little helpless. But I.Q. isn’t an end all so for those with a low I.Q. (myself included) don’t give up hope.

E.Q. (emotional intelligence) on the other hand can be increased and those with a high E.Q. have been known to be more successful and land bigger jobs.

So what exactly is E.Q.? Many of my references comes from the author of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman. In his book he states that there are 4 areas in our lives we can increase to receive a higher E.Q.

Those 4 are: Self-awareness, social-awareness, relationship-management, and self-management.